O. Nimigean

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Novel, "Ego Prose" series, Polirom, 2010, 480 pages

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Critics about

  “I shall not try to conceal my enthusiasm, but rather declare with full responsibility: in O. Nimigean we have gained one of the most powerful prose writers Romanian literature has produced in the last twenty years.”

(Bogdan CREȚU, Observator cultural)

 “However relative top tens and statistics might prove to be when it comes to literature, it has to be said that O. Nimigean’s latest book has come as a surprise of major proportions, and it heralds his reinvention as a writer from the roots up, as well as representing a moment of grace in the post-Revolution Romanian novel. In addition, it would make a good screenplay. I can already see And Juniper Roots for Their Meat being directed by one of the Romanian New Wave. And it’s not impossible that the novelist himself was subtly influenced by the new directors in the slowness of the way his story unfolds and in the sadism of his descriptive details.”

(Alex GOLDIȘ , Cultura)

 “Ovidiu Nimigean doesn’t need the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic planet (the personal apocalypse is enough for him), he doesn’t need to enter the mind of a serial killer, but he does know how to write a total novel, whose two axes are as old as the world: love and death. Plus all their possible combinations. If I didn’t believe in this novel’s singular destiny (in the full sense of the term), I might well view it polemically compared with the vast majority of current Romanian prose.”

(Bogdan-Alexandru STĂNESCU)

 “To broach what I want to expand on here without further preliminaries, I hasten to assert that Ovidiu Nimigean has succeeded in writing a novel that is genuinely disturbing and complex, a novel of great inner coherence, such as has been rarely published in Romania since the Revolution.”

(Șerban AXINTE , Observator cultural)


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