Gabriela Adamesteanu

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Novel, “Fiction Ltd.” series, Polirom, 2010, 448 pages

Copyright: Gabriela Adameşteanu

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Critics about

Provisionality will make its mark as a great novel of the thaw, as well as a novel about couples under totalitarianism and the impossibility of having any privacy. It is a powerful comeback for a prose writer at her peak, and a book that is equal to Wasted Morning.”


“The novel Provisionality makes you fall in love with the prose of Gabriela Adameşteanu all the more strongly. She is an author who ranks at the forefront of post-war Romanian literature.”


“A suspenseful story of love, beautiful and sad, which is set during the communist period in Romania. Gabriela Adameşteanu has the rare ability to view communism through characters, emotions, and images, while refusing to label or stigmatise.”

(Ovidiu ŞIMONCA)

“The chronicle of half a century that unfolded under the sign of Evil, Provisionality is the novel of a Romania adrift, a novel that is solidly constructed and at the same time written with virtuosity. The epic power, the breadth of the subject matter, the finesse of the analysis, the intensity of the atmosphere and the depth of the conflicting characters make this new book by Gabriela Adameşteanu a literary event to equal Wasted Morning.”




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