Daniela Zeca

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Novel, Ego. Proză” series, Polirom, 2010, 248 pages

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Critics about

“The novel experienced, undertaken and unburdened by Daniela Zeca’s authorial conscience has upon the reader the effect that every literary text ought to exert: it is infectious, it creates an appetite for life and prompts a process of introspection, a dissection of our sensorial apparatus, in search of the last authentic experiences we have permitted ourselves.”


“Daniela Zeca comes close to a world that we can only suspect, that we can only dream of, and she adjudicates it and, above all, takes responsibility for it. Then, naturally, she communicates it to us—so convincingly that she causes us to experience it.”

(Gabriel RUSU)

“As a writer she artfully integrates into her text—a text sober in its drama, permeated from start to finish by melancholy—elements of Arab culture. This is not for exterior adornment, but rather in order to lade it with the poetry of the place, with the spicy, oleaginous sensuality of the Orient.”



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