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Lucian Dan Teodorovici

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Novel, "Fiction Ltd." series, Polirom, 2011, 400 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Gaia Editions/ Actes Sud (France), Libri (Hungary), Paradox (Bulgaria)

Critics about

“The narrative structure is truly ingenious, and the composition, with its painstaking alternation of perspectives, gradually sheds light on the story in the first part in a wholly unexpected way. A great book.”

(Antonio PATRAS)

“This is a novel of man as a political animal, confronted by a totalitarian reality that modifies, confines and alters him. After Bruno is lobotomised by the regime, his mistrust of any other ideology, and even of any revolt or flight abroad, is telling. Bruno chooses to live in no man’s land. For this reason, the novel is a consummate symbol. Moreover, it is a courageous symbol, which is based on original reflection.”


“Lucian Dan Teodorovici’s latest novel, Matei the Brown, is also his most substantial to date. Besides constructing a remarkable central character, and besides its oblique but penetrating analysis of a very turbulent period – communist Romania in the 1940s and 50s, with the emphasis on life in the totalitarian prison system – Teodorovici succeeds in constructing an enviable narrative structure, revealing numerous directions for deeper reflection, at both the aesthetic and the ethical level. The perfectly crystallised style and the impeccable rhythm of the sentences round off this endeavour by one of the most important Romanian writers of the last decade.”



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