Dan Lungu

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Novel, "Fiction Ltd." series, Polirom, 2011, 240 pages

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Critics about

“It is worthy of praise that this novelist of the dramas of lowly humanity and the aberrations of Romania’s post-revolution transition period has so ably managed to reconcile the demands of mainstream public success, becoming the most popular and exportable Romanian prose writer of the new wave.”


“A new novel by Dan Lungu, with such an unusual title as In Hell all the Light Bulbs are Burnt Out, cannot but be a pleasure (even a joy) to read for any reader, including a critic.”


“A novel of nostalgia for a time of innocence, but also the death of illusions, the revelation of the irreversibility of passing time, the implacable process of ageing, In Hell all the Light Bulbs are Burnt Out is a book about disappointment and fear of life. At one point, Victor, the main character, gets the feeling that ‘life is a tube that narrows the further you go, so that you have to stoop lower and lower’.”

(Marius CHIVU)


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