George Balaita

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Novel, "George Balaita" series, Polirom, 2011, 560 pages

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Critics about

The World in Two Days is one of the best novels of the post-war period and serves as a textbook model for every aspiring writer in the genre.”


“George Balaita is one of those prose writers who rather than the superficial order of the world prefers an act of pure ‘terrorism,’ of dismemberment, a narrative which, from an instinct for self-preservation, blows up the whole system in whose cogwheels we unthinkingly allow ourselves to be enmeshed.”


“Rarely has a novel been so learnedly written, so geometrically constructed along the cosmic axis of the solstices (21 December and 21 June), preserving intact the vital sources, charm and seduction of the eternal story.”

(Stelian TURLEA)

“The World in Two Days, a novel written at the height of the communism period, has survived three decades without acquiring so much as a wrinkle or antiquated page, whereas numerous other literary creations of the same age or younger have fallen into irrevocable desuetude. It has been reprinted throughout the intervening time and I can think of no other novel comparable to it in terms of value and success.”



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