Ioana Baetica Morpurgo

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2011, 384 pages

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Critics about

“Between manifestos and being part of the new literary generation, Ioana Baetica Morpurgo reclaims a personal style of writing, one in which she is authentically at home and genuinely believes in.”

(Marius MIHET)

“What is visible first of all in Ioana Baetica Morpurgo’s work is a good praxis of reading (the author is a philologist by training). She writes with unexpected maturity, in various registers, with a dose of (self-)irony, slightly reflexively, and with plenty of moments of poetic grace, thanks to oneiric/surrealist inserts.”

(Marius CHIVU)

“She is authentic, a specialist in parabolic tales, written with great precision and imagination. Her sentences are sinuous, lacking in caprice, the coherence of the images allows the gaze to pierce unhindered to the meaning of the metaphor, and the details are allowed to say their piece.”

(Alexandru MATEI)

“Ioana Baetica Morpurgo fits perfectly into the outraged, disabused and cynically provocative new wave of writers currently in fashion. This is a younger generation obsessed with marginalisation, a feeling of its own futility, and the voice crying in the wilderness, a generation that finds escape in slang, vice and textual artifice.”



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