Octavian Soviany

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Novel, Cartea Romaneasca, 2011, 416 pages

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Critics about

The Life of Kostas Venetis is a novel that grips the reader from the first page to the last. It has rhythm, plot, suspense, and also a moral. Octavian Soviany has become a prose writer of the highest calibre.”

(Bogdan CRETU)

“A novel of adventure and mystery, an inside-out Bildungsroman, incorporating a philosophy that explains the evil structure of the world, The Life of Kostas Venetis is one of the pinnacles of contemporary Romanian prose, a remarkable achievement for Octavian Soviany, who proves to be a prose writer of the first order.”

(Luminita CORNEANU)

“The Life of Kostas Venetis is a disconcerting book, a novel of atrocious charm, full of decadent nostalgia and naturalist, sordid, picturesque touches, giddy with the spirit of debauchery, barbaric violence and Levantine languor, imbued with the pleasant scent of basil, as well as the most pestilential stenches.”

(Nicolae BARNA)

“In brief, Octavian Soviany’s novel is the tale of a Greek homosexual on his death bed, a decrepit, innately evil old man consumed by a hatred of women that later extends to a hatred of all mankind. He tells his story to his lover, whom he nicknames the German Woman, and who has the task of putting it on paper. The text is intercalated with other stories, told by their protagonists, painting layer by layer a complex picture, illustrated with rare talent.”

(Dorin DAVID)


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