Alex. Leo Serban

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Novel, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2011, 224 pages

Copyright: Polirom

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Critics about

“A dadaist, surrealist, postmodern tale, the novella unreels at brisk pace, playing ping-pong with time and space, teeming with puns, anagrams, anachronisms, paradoxes, switcheroos, interchangeable characters, cryptic allusions, ‘flamboyantly extravagant’ (the author’s own phrase) flights of imagination, neologisms, Gallicisms, and mannerisms à la Alex. Leo Serban – a sui generis modernist écriture, with dialogues that are buried in the text, delimited only by quotation marks.”

(Antoaneta RALIAN)

“Even when they are not dialogues and diary entries, Alex Leo Serban’s texts create the impression of spontaneity. What also contribute to this effect are the numerous parentheses, designed to reflect the flux of thought. Another strong point of his texts is their lively style (the puns are another dominant, even in the titles).”

(Mihai FULGER)

“I have no idea what life is, or what death is, and only an idiot would claim to have an absolute answer. But one thing I do know: what it means to be alive. Leo showed me this. I have never met anyone who inspired and expired life with so much contagious passion. His mind, language and spirit had the savour of a Borges or a Hitchcock, but also a green salad with surimi. If you were looking for a sure thing, you followed his lead: in cities, in films, in stories, in delights.”



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