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Novel, "Fiction Ltd." series, Polirom, 2011, 224 pages

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Critics about

“With great literary ingeniousness, Dumitru Tsepeneag embeds a message in his novels, a meaning that can be reconstructed only after the painstaking procedure of reassembling the broken shards – an ‘osiric’ process, from the myth of Osiris, to use the author’s own term. Like Dumitru Tsepeneag’s other novels, I believe The Bulgarian Truck brings us face to face with the apocalyptic signs of the end of a cycle of civilisation.”

(Marta PETREU)

“A novel different to those he has written up to now. Such is Dumitru Tsepeneag’s literary project in The Bulgarian Truck. And it really is something different: it’s not merely a book, but a ‘building site under the open sky,’ where some very deep digging is going on. But how deep? As deep as the novel. But what is important is not the novel, as the writer tries to convince us. What is important is the journey, the story, the journal of the novel, as André Gide said.”


“From the outset, Dumitru Tspeneag opted for experimental prose and almost all his narratives are narratives of a text, rather than texts of a narrative, if we accept the distinction made by the theorists of the Nouveau Roman. In The Bulgarian Truck he goes further: he places all his cards on the table, he depicts the conventions of the experimental novel, he reveals the tricks of narrative, he converses with his characters about the construction and deconstruction of the novel he is trying to write. Finally, he turns his hesitations into an epic and rather than offering a unitary and coherent work, he presents its building site. In this new textual adventure, the writer wagers on the reader’s curiosity to discover the secrets of an atypical novelist. It must be said that he succeeds.”

(Eugen SIMION)


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