Matei Visniec

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Novel, Cartea Romaneasca, 2011, 280 pages

Copyright: Cartea Romaneasca

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Critics about

Mr K. Released was, as the author himself confesses, inspired by the personal trauma of being released from the Kafkaesque reality of communism. But from the very first lines of the book, we witness not the shock of being deprived of one’s freedom for no reason, of wrongful arrest and imprisonment, but rather the equally inexplicable shock of being released, as experienced by a character named Kosef J.”

(Marius CHIVU)

“Matei Visniec pays homage to Kafka and releases Mr K. in his latest novel. But he releases him in the same way as Kafka would have released him, since the shock of release is at least as great as the shock of arrest. The drama of Kosef J. is remarkably similar to that of Josef K.”


“A parable of the totalitarian prison-camp system, Mr K. Released is a powerful novel. It is intertextual without trying to illustrate a particular thesis, fascinating in its narrative imaginativeness, and provocative in its subject matter.”

(Carmen MUSAT)

“Playwright Matei Visniec’s latest sally into the genre of the novel seems to be impeccable: you cannot fault him.”



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