Radu Aldulescu

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Novel, Cartea romaneasca, 2011, 336 pages

Copyright: Cartea romaneasca

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Critics about

 ”As I have been saying, the second edition of The Ridden Angel rounds off the series of Aldulescu’s major novels. And it does so in the following way: this memorable novel of the communist period, with its oppressed peasant factory workers, has been conceived and written with the Apocalypse on the table.”


 “The Ridden Angel is a novel that has everything: humour, a debased form of love, murder, theft, adventure, fantasy with a smattering of realism in the margins, scenes of ritualistic sex, and a swarm of anti-heroes depicted against the backdrop of an isolated and degenerate rural microcosm. Radu Aldulescu offers us a complex, turbulent, and surprisingly satisfying read.”

(Olivia PUTYER)

 “Robert Stan is one of the preeminent characters of Romanian prose, and this novel is perhaps the best that has been written since 1989; it is undoubtedly Radu Aldulescu’s masterpiece.”

(Dumitru Augustin DOMAN)

 “Not since Eugen Barbu’s The Pit has such a spectacular novel of society’s margins been written, a novel coloured by powerful scenes and raw language.”

(Adrian G. ROMILA)


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