Diana Adamek

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Novel, Cartea romaneasca, 2011, 392 pages

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Critics about

 “Diana Adamek masters different narrative voices with a fascination that is unique in contemporary Romanian prose. Gliding swiftly through the pages of this novel, you will be led beyond the exceptional stylistic refinement towards the revelation that the main character himself experiences: we always arrive in the place where we are expected.”

(Ovidiu MIRCEAN)

 “Diana Adamek gives us a book of adventures and phantasms, about friendship and love, about art and beauty, a parable of predestination, tantamount to a fore-writing of destiny, an epically marvellous, exquisite and stylistically seductive parable.”


 “Learned forays into historical geography, magic, alchemy, art and philosophy and delicious haute-cuisine digressions are the sumptuous backdrop to a story that proves yet again that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in one of the most beautiful novels to have published in the last few years.”

(Daniela FIRESCU)

 “By writing this triumphant exotic and cosmopolitan book, without local fixations, but imbued with the individual charm of so many imagined places, Diana Adamek has given us a beautiful literary vision of baroque, mannerist Europe – whose centre was Vienna and whose circumference was everywhere – in Romanian literature.” 



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