Liviu Antonesei

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Short stories, Ego Prose series, Polirom, 2012, 224 pages

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Critics about

 “You read it and are amazed. A principle of composition, a reference, an ambiguous passage requiring elucidation, a parable, a minor philological detail, or a technique of seduction immediately strikes the eye. With uncontested mastery and chameleonic language, Liviu Antonesei has written a superb book, gathering together in one drawer most of the registers required by quality prose.” 

(George NEAGOE)

 “Reality is not what you believe or see: this is the moral of the book and of (almost) every prose piece it contains. In a world of simulacra, nothing is in fact what it seems to be: neither people’s lives, nor sexual relationships, nor major political events.” 


 “I have been a supporter of Antonesei the prose writer for many years. Hitherto I have held him to be very good. After the eleven short stories in this book, he seems to me very good and then some.” 


 “The whole charm of the prose pieces in The Innocent and Collateral Victims of a Bloody War with Russia is to be found in the absolute freedom of the themes, registers, and, why not, the settings. (…) Liviu Antonesei is a remarkable prose writer, endowed with both humour and profound nostalgia.”



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